A list of our Inbound Marketing Services:

Learn how our services can help your business grow and prosper in the online world.

Research & Strategies

Do you have a website that just looks pretty? If you don’t have a plan to attract new customers, chances are it isn’t going to happen. From Audits to Strategies, Wishmedia can help you become a leader in your industry.

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Paid Advertising

Paid advertising offers an excellent way to quickly attract tons of qualified leads to your website. Through highly-targeted, low-cost and measurable campaigns, paid advertising guarantees you the highest ROI for your advertising budget.

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Search Engine Optimization

Want to spend less money and get more customers? Getting the #1 spot on Google will help customers find you - plus, having that position is 100% FREE. That’s why “SEO” is one of the most cost effective and influential online marketing strategies.

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Social Media

Social Media allows you to grow meaningful customer relationships and improve your band awareness with highly-targeted audiences. Social Media will keep your customers loyal and always coming back for more!

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Email Marketing

With an average of $44.25 returned on every $1 invested, email marketing will become one of your favorite marketing avenues. Get your campaigns in-front of the people who are most likely to purchase your products - your customers.

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A list of our Development Services:

Learn how we can help take your ideas from concept to reality.

Website Development

Don’t waste money on a “pretty” website - invest it in your next online, sales-driven, business location. We’re not interested in awards and bragging rights; we focus on what matters - making your online venture profitable and successful.

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E-Commerce Development

Building a digital store doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve helped businesses just like yours drive over 1 million in revenue. We’ll make sure getting started is easy and we’ll even set you up for long-term success.

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Web Applications

With so many technologies available it is crucial that you pick the best options for your application. Wishmedia will help you choose what your project needs, making sure your app can sustain long-term growth and added features.

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Mobile Applications

Have a great idea for an awesome mobile app? Through industry standard, cross-platform technologies, we’ll help take your dream application from concept to reality - without breaking the bank.

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A list of our Other Products & Services:

Learn how we can help you improve and grow your online business.

Servers & Maintenance

Turbo-charge your website - with our ultra high performance website hosting servers and monthly maintenance packages. These ultra fast, state-of-the-art servers come jam-packed with enhanced security features and automated back-ups to keep your data safe.

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SEOMatic Software

Supercharge your OpenCart e-Commerce SEO efforts with SEOMatic. Designed to make SEO easier for the average webmaster, SEOMatic will offer SEO recommendations and track your current search engine rank position.

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