A screenshot of the Precision Greens website
  • 76.21% Increase in Traffic
  • 46.19% Increase in Conversions
  • 29 Top 5 Keywords in Google

Precision Greens

Precision Greens has been Vancouvers leading installer of high quality synthetic turf for over 15 years. With experience installing over 400 golf greens and 600 artificial grass lawns, Precision Greens has become a renowned favorite, receiving recognition from local media outlets as large as Global TV News. Precision Greens provides an exclusive full line-up of ultra realistic artificial grasses that have been carefully designed to mimic the natural esthetics of local Vancouver grass.

The Summary:

Precision Greens contracted Wishmedia in early 2014 to help diagnose and improve a significant drop in their conversions. With no analytical or reporting data, Wishmedia was forced to look for out-of-the-box solutions. Using AwStats, a default feature built-in to cPanel, Wishmedia was able to narrow down the algorithm updates responsible for the loss of search engine rank and implement an variety of recovery techniques. Wishmedia also researched Precision Greens greatest selling factors as well as redesigned the product pages and the Request an Estimate form with new sales copy to improve conversions. Initial improvements were modest throughout 2014 due to ongoing research and modifications. However, in early 2015 Precision Greens saw a significant increase in search engine rankings, traffic and conversions. This increase in traffic is expected to be due to a combination of both Precision Greens internal marketing and Wishmedia’s inbound marketing. Metrics directly related to inbound marketing received a 76.21% increase in organic (Non-Paid) traffic. Other notable increases are a 46.19% increase in conversions, partially due to a 6.7% increase in Request an Estimate form submissions. Finally, Precision Greens has obtained 29 Top 5 or higher positioned keywords, many of which are highly targeted, location based keywords that are proven to provide substantial results.

The Project:

Originally using “Black Hat” inbound marketing companies to obtain first-page search engine rankings; In the middle of 2013 Precision Greens suffered a major decline in their rank caused by a Google algorithm update. This algorithm update created havoc across the internet effecting as many as 3 – 5% of all websites and causing millions in lost revenue. In early 2014, Precision Greens contracted Wishmedia to help diagnose and solve their sudden drop in rankings as well as provide long-term solutions to maintain their rank, improve their traffic and increase their conversions.

The Challenge:

Officially starting early in 2014, Precision Greens was unaware of precisely when their website started to decline, or how long it had declined for. The initial client discovery sessions revealed Precision Greens had worked with multiple inbound marketing companies, unfortunately the most recent company was reluctant to divulge any Google Analytics data. Without the analytical data, there would be little chance of diagnosing what specific algorithm update caused the drop in rank, since, according to Moz (https://moz.com/google-algorithm-change#2013), Google released 17 major algorithmic updates in 2013.

In addition to fixing the decline in search engine ranking positions (SERP), Precision Greens wanted to improve the aesthetics of their website as well as increase their site conversions. At the start of the project, Precision Greens was unable to provide any product information, benefits, or key selling features about their business. Due to the limited information received, Wishmedia was required to research and discover most of the material required for this project.

The Solution:

Diagnosis: Due to the absence of Analytical data, diagnosing the root cause of Precision Greens sudden drop in search engine rankings proved to be exceedingly difficult. Wishmedia was able to narrow down an entire year of algorithm updates to an exact date range by utilizing cPanel’s pre-packaged AwStats. Looking through AwStats revealed traffic dropped more than 50% between the months of May 2013 and June 2013.

Recovery: During the research phase, Wishmedia discovered older companies that worked on Precision Greens engaged in “Black Hat” SEO techniques. Black Hat SEO techniques are used by companies to quickly improve a websites search engine ranking for a lower cost; these techniques are short-lived and violate a search engines’ terms of service. In this scenario, the Black Hat SEO company set up a micro-(web)site with thousands of internal links redirected back to the official Precision Greens website. Due to the large volume of backlinks created from the low-quality sites, Wishmedia had to disavow hundreds of bad links to portray a more natural backlink profile. Wishmedia also found that many blog posts written on the Precision Greens website were written by an ESL individual. Since poor spelling and bad grammar are known factors that can negatively effect a search engine rank position ( http://www.steamfeed.com/spelling-grammar-seo-ranking-factors/ ), Wishmedia removed all of the offending articles.

Research: Wishmedia’s research compiled as much information as possible from the Precision Greens’ website, blog and marketing sources. Through this data, Wishmedia was able to determine the top selling factors for their business and products. These selling factors were then designed with icons and placed throughout the website to catch the customers attention.

An example screenshot of the list of benefits placed on Precision Greens
A screenshot example of the call to action placed on the footer of each product page on Precision Greens

Landing Pages: Wishmedia also began implementing location based keywords specific to areas Precision Greens serves. These keywords were distributed across the website and landing pages were set up to target keywords from those specific areas. These landing pages focused on Precision Greens’ superior design skills as well as the benefits their business offers, including but not limited to: an 8 Year Warranty, 600+ Artificial Grass Installations and being Canadian Owned and Operated. At the bottom of each landing page, a large phone number and button are provided to encourage customers to begin the process immediately by contacting Precision Greens.

Products: Wishmedia worked with Precision Greens to reimagine their entire artificial grass and golf green line-up. To individualize each product, Wishmedia wrote unique sales copy focusing on durability, aesthetics, texture and potential applications. In addition to the sales copy, Wishmedia redesigned the product page with high-quality photography and a variety of installation examples.

A screenshot of one of the product pages on Precision Greens

The product page redesign also included close-up photographs as well as similarities between local grasses and artificial grass installations. These closeup images coupled with the examples help the customers imagine how realistic artificial grass will look after its installation.

A screenshot of a product close up on the product page of Precision Greens

Finally, each product page ended with the options to call or request an estimate. These options give the customer the opportunity to immediately make a purchasing decision.

A screenshot of the request an estimate form on Precision Greens

Conversions: One bottle-neck found on the Precision Greens website was the “Request an Estimate” page. Requiring over 12 separate fields with no other design aesthetics or sales incentives, customers would be more-likely to navigate away from the page in-comparison to completing the form. Wishmedia implemented a full redesign of the form including incentives like: 100% Free, No Obligations, a Guarantee, and a 2 business day response time. A testimonial was also added to the form to build customer trust through showcasing other customers that have had a positive experience working with Precision Greens.

The Outcome:

This section outlines a 2 month comparison based on a 1 year separation period: April 1, 2014 – June 24, 2014 vs. April 1, 2015 – June 24, 2015. This date range is used due to the lack of analytics data before April 1, 2014. Results obtained in this section are based on the changes outlined above and are only based on organic search results due to other on-going internal company marketing.

Recovery & Modifications: The results of the recovery have provided little-to-no increase in 2014, this is due to the timeframe as changes and tweaks were done throughout 2014 to improve rankings. The most significant improvements started to appear in 2015 after an almost snow-less winter, devastating problems with chafer beetles, and a tv news spot. Metrics such as a 296.56% increase in sessions are suspected to be skewed significantly due to the increase in general awareness as well as a few occurrences of bots spamming Google Analytics. Organic Searches have shown a 76.21% increase since 2014 which is expected to be a result of the inbound marketing. In addition to the increase in traffic, conversions have increased 46.19% since 2014. This increase in conversions is considered to be partially due to the custom product pages, landing pages and benefit specific icons placed throughout the website.

Google Analytics screenshot of Precision Greens showing a significant increase in traffic

Landing Pages: The landing pages created for Precision Greens have seen an increasingly high level of success. Accounting for over 14,000 impressions and almost 500 clicks between the months of April 1, 2015 and June 24, 2015. These pages have steadily obtained #1 ranking positions in Google for many of the cities surrounding Vancouver. Additionally, these pages have converted 8.23% of customers through the “Request an Estimate” form. This number is expected to increase due to the recent form design & incentive modifications.

Google Analytics preview of Precision Greens' showing an 8.23% conversion of users found through landing pages

Conversions: The form design changes were the most recent update completed. Data available on the overall outcome of these changes is not as extensive as the other areas but enough data is available to provide in-sight and expectations. As of June 25, 2015, the newer, smaller and more visually appealing form has provided an increased conversion rate of 6.7% converting a total of 20.1% of customers who land on the page. This number is expected to fluctuate over time, but we expect to stay above a 5% increase in conversions.

A screenshot of Precision Greens Request an Estimate form after showing an increase in conversions

The Testimonial:

Wishmedia has looked after our company's web design and web site management needs for over a decade now. They are ahead of the curve on industry trends in site design and inbound marketing. Their response time is commendable and their service is second to none. I would truly recommend Wishmedia to anyone.
Scott McCartney Partner - Precision Greens

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