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  • 90.66% Increase in Traffic
  • 20.42% Increase in Sales
  • 46 Top 5 Keywords in Google

Precision Propeller Surrey LTD.

Precision Propeller is Vancouver’s leader in Boat Propeller sales, repairs and accessories. Founded in 1970, Precision Propeller is a family owned and operated business well known for its exceptional service and dedication to their customers.

The Summary:

Precision Propeller contracted Wishmedia in early 2013 to construct a new traffic-generating and sales-driven e-commerce store. Research revealed a variety of common obstacles customers would face when shopping for boat propellers. These obstacles included: website architecture, usability, trust and incentives. To overcome these obstacles Wishmedia implemented a manufacturer based navigation (Architecture), Configurable Product filter (Usability), Propeller Search tool (Usability), Free Shipping (Incentives) and an EV SSL Certificate (Trust). Post launch has boasted a 90.66% increase in traffic and a 20.42% increase in sales each year. Utilizing manufacturer backlinks and a short-term Adwords campaign for immediate traffic; Precision Propeller has also achieved 46 Keywords ranking in Google’s Top 5 Positions.

The Project:

Running an outdated website, Precision Propeller wanted to reinvent their online presence. Noticing the growing upward trend in online retail, Precision Propeller brought on Wishmedia in early 2013 to establish an innovative and successful online business.

The Challenge:

Wishmedia conducted a competitive analysis of boat propeller e-commerce websites and discovered 95% of these websites were outdated and difficult to navigate. The research showed very few online retailers offered product configurations; instead showing hundreds of identical propellers based on their model numbers. Due to the amount of products listed, customers who do not already have an in-depth knowledge would find it impossible to choose the correct propeller.

In addition to the challenging architecture, research showed that retailers offered little incentive for purchasing online or those incentives were subject to strict guidelines. This meant that the benefits of purchasing in-store greatly outweighed the benefits of shopping online.

The Solution

Architecture: Solving the aesthetics and architecture problems, Wishmedia designed a modern e-commerce website boasting a simplified navigation based on the propeller manufacturers. This customized style of navigation allowed customers to quickly and efficiently find propellers based on their current manufacturer.

Usability: Understanding the difficulties customers encountered when purchasing a propeller, Wishmedia devised two features to streamline the purchasing process:

Precision Propellers custom built configurable product page

Configurable Products:

A configurable product filter was implemented allowing customers to enter their engine details step-by-step. Once completing the configuration a popup appears with the propeller details based on the configuration entered. This filter gives customers the ability to sort through hundreds of unrelated propellers and quickly find the correct propeller for their boat.

Any additional related products will also appear below the form after the propeller has been selected. This allows customers to instantly add similar products to their cart that would have also required a configuration.

Incentives: Meeting the needs of both Precision Propeller and their customers, Wishmedia used proven tactics to increase trust and boost conversions:


Wishmedia implemented a “green-bar” EV SSL certificate on every single page to guarantee customers knew that this was a highly secured and verified online store.

A Screenshot of the EV SSL added to Precision Propeller A screenshot of Precision Propellers Geotrust Verification Icon


Precision Propeller was able to find a solution to the high-cost of shipping in Canada by offering Free Shipping with a minimum order. This made shopping online more cost-effective for customers in-comparison to purchasing locally. Free shipping is advertised with an icon on every page (Right) and is the first large banner you see on the home page.

Free Shipping Banners and Icons created for Precision Propeller

Strategy: Wishmedia worked with Precision Propeller to obtain high quality backlinks from industry leading manufacturers. These backlinks gave Precision Propeller a significant advantage over their competition immediately allowing them to obtain top ranks for highly competitive keywords.

A screenshot of one of the manufacturer websites linking to Precision Propeller

In addition to the manufacturer backlinks, Google Adwords was used to drive large volumes of traffic immediately after launching the online store. This consistent traffic was also suspected to have added to the increase in search engine ranking positions.

The Outcome:

As of writing this article, Precision Propeller’s e-commerce website has been running for 2 years. This timespan has provided substantial data into the short and long-term effect of the strategies implemented. Listed below are the projects notable results:

Traffic: ( June 13, 2013 to 2014  – Compared to –  June 14, 2014 to 2015)

A screenshot of Precision Propeller's analytics comparing date ranges in 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015
Precision Propeller has continued to double its traffic every year since the launch of their website. All traffic since 2014 has been obtained from organic search results. PPC ads were used for 4 months to boost traffic for their brand-new website during Precision Propeller’s busy season.

SERP Positions: (Current position on Google’s organic (free) search results)

Precision Propeller continues to maintain first-page rankings for many highly competitive product specific and generalized keywords. Below are a few notable results across Canada as of June 22, 2015:

Keyword Difficulty Rank
Boat Propellers High (1,310,000 Results) 6
Boat Propellers Canada Medium (482,000 Results) 3
Solas Amita 3 Low (185,000 Results) 2
Solas Propellers Medium (325,000 Results) 6
A screenshot of the increase in sales since the launch of the Precision Propeller website

Sales & Revenue:

Website Traffic continues to grow inline with online orders meaning sales have consistently increased each year.

The Testimonial:

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Candy A Precision Propeller Surrey Ltd

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